How to Spread Your Message As a Quiet Leader Without Having To Be Loud
Dear Quiet Leader,
We live in an extroverted world. It has long been believed that the natural leaders of our society were extroverted types, those that were outspoken, bold and assertive. But you don't have to be LOUD to be a great leader.

You can be an impactful leader by being soft-spoken, quiet and gentle and to prove it we are going to put everything we have learned as introvert leaders to the test.
We Know The Challenges of Quiet Leaders
  •  You struggle to find your voice in meetings, groups and networking events. 
  •  Overshadowed by louder more assertive personality types. 
  •  You feel pressured to act extroverted.
  • Your introversion is seen as a weakness.
  •  You find it challenging to communicate your message and promote your personal brand. 
  •  You get overwhelmed thinking about all that you would need to learn to just get your business started. 
This Course Will Help You
  •  Effectively communicate and express yourself in groups.
  •  Be heard around extroverts without being loud.
  •  Navigate through an extrovert dominated world. 
  •  Get your message across despite all the noise. 
  •  Reduce Overwhelm by capitalizing on your strengths as an introvert. 
  •  Expand your reach both in business and as an employee
What You Will Learn
Uncover who you are, your personality traits, values, strengths and your why.
By uncovering what is true and unique about you, you will learn how to create the message that reflects your authentic self and speaks to your audience/community.
At this stage of the Masterclass you will be clear on who you are, your message and audience. Now you will learn how you can communicate your message effectively to your community.
Your message is out now and your audience is resonating with it. In this last phase you will discover strategies to grow your community organically.
What You'll Get

Private Facebook Group

4 Weekly Calls Starting Jan 17th 

2 Weekly Challenges with handouts

30 minute one-on-one call
Faris and Ahmed
Got Questions?
What People Are Saying
“I’m very grateful to Faris and Ahmed for helping me to understand more deeply that as an introvert I do not have to act like an extrovert to get my message out and build a community. Being successful by taking advantage of my natural strengths while maintaining my integrity was a powerful take away for me. I appreciated the structure of the course as well as the wealth of personal experience, Faris and Ahmed shared to help put the lessons into context.”
- Ben Fizel, Founder, Peace Keeper Project
"Ahmed, thank you for listening before preaching, asking before telling and importantly being flexible enough to tailor the plan to our needs. Your knowledge of business comes from experience and not just a book." 
- Tony and Wendy, Owners, Island Vapours
Who We Are

Faris Khalifeh

Faris is a Quiet Leadership Coach and named among the Top Six Life Coaches in Vancouver by Crowd Wellness. Coaching clients from all around the world with different backgrounds, cultures and industries, he focuses on uncovering what is true and unique about his clients and assists them in building on their key strengths.
Additionally, he serves on the board of directors for the International Coach Federation (ICF), teaches business, leadership and personal development courses at various colleges, runs multiple mastermind groups and facilitates corporate training and seminars. 
Faris is also the founder of the Vancouver Quiet Leadership community and Meetup group where he hosts monthly events to support leadership among introvert personality types.
Before becoming a coach, Faris was a marketer serving clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His experience spans industries including education, hospitality, fast moving consumer goods and automobiles.

Ahmed Aibak

Ahmed is a creative young entrepreneur with experience in a range of industries. Ahmed recently built and exited from a successful business developing sustainable agriculture technologies which has given him an acute understanding of business strategy, development and management. 
He has worked with several start ups in the role of strategic advisor ranging from sole proprietorship to highly funded tech startups. 
Currently, Ahmed is the founder of Voice of The Entrepreneur a growing community of entrepreneurs that are driven by a cause of empowering others. Ahmed holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and has worked over 8 years with both government and private multinational companies. Ahmed is a passionate entrepreneur with first hand understanding of the challenges faced by early stage entrepreneurs. As an ambivert, Ahmed understands and has developed both the extrovert and introvert side needed to succeed in the role of an entrepreneur.
who you are, your 
personality traits, your strengths and  your why.
a message that reflects and builds what you have uncovered. 
with your community 
what is unique about 
you, your cause and message. 
Grow organically as your 
community resonates 
with your message.